Our Arsenal:

Remington Model 700 ADL .308

This is James' first hunting rifle. He uses it for every bigger game animal he goes for, such as coyote and up from there. The rifle shoots a .308 round 150 grain bullet at over 2000 feet per second. It has a Bushnell  4-12 x 40mm scope on it, this scope is amazing and can easily spot something 700 yards away! Also he has a field and stream gun sling with neoprene which he highly recommends! The recoil on this gun is amazingly close to the one of a 12 gauge shotgun! The recoil pad and the heavy barrel do a great number in reducing recoil.

Stoegar STF3000

This is James' over under 12 gauge shotgun. Its the Stoeger STF3000 model, it can shoot up to a 3inch 12 gauge magnum load. James primarily uses this gun for dove and quail hunting because it is an upland gun. He also uses it to do lots of skeet shooting, his record is 24 for 25. This gun is amazingly accurate and has a really nice choke that the company provided. The only problem that James has with this gun is that sometimes it doesn't fire the first round. Other than that it's an amazing gun!

Remington 887 Nitro Mag

This is James' "Duck" and "Turkey" shotgun. It's a 12 gauge and can hold a magnum round up to 3-1/2 inches. This gun is amazingly acurate and easy to shoot too! The entire gun is coated in armor coating which could compare to bed linear, its that tough! The composite stock helps tremendously in reducing the added weight of the armor coating but it is surprising weighed in at under 7 pounds. The Remington 887 Nitro Mag has a total length of 42 inches, which is 2 inches smaller than the average for all Shotgun Guns. 

Winchester Enfield 1917

This is James' dads Winchester Enfield. His grandpa gave it to him when he was younger and kept it ever since. It shoots a 30-06 round. He still needs to get it tuned up because it hasn't been shot for a pretty long time.

Marlin Model 795

This is James' Varmint rifle. Its a .22 caliber gun that is amazing for just about anything in the small game to varmint category. He had a Centerpoint 4 x 32 scope on there just for plinking around or for some rabbit hunting. This gun is super accurate and is James' favorite rimfire gun.

Reminton 597 .17 HMR

This is Wes' small varmint gun. He has a Vasco 4-16 x 40mm scope on it. He also has a Harris bypod that extends 13 inches. The gun can shoot a .17 HMR or a .22 WMR. It is a really good gun for plinking, rabbit hunting, squirle hunting, and even coyote! With sub-sonic rounds this gun is a pretty quite gun for a .17 HMR

Sig Sauer 1911-22

This is James' Sig 1911-22. Its the U.S.A 1911 .45 model in a .22 caliber. James uses it mainly for plinking around or for fun when him and his dad don't have any luck hunting. This gun is super accurate, James has been able to hit a sitting clay pigeon at about 45 yards. Over all this gun is just a fun gun and one of many James is going to have in his .22 collection.

Walther P99 .40 Cal

This is Wes' Walther P99. It shoots a .40 cal bullet 100 at about 1500 feet per second. This is a very fun gun to shoot and is awesome for target shooting. The sights on this gun can be easily moved which is good if your trying to sight the gun in but bad when you trying to shoot it.

Pellet Guns:

Crossman 600 Powermaster

The Crossman Powermaster is Wes' first pellet gun. It was used in the Pellet gun dove hunting series once. It shoots a lead .177 pellet at 725 feet per second. Wes has a 4x4 scope and front and rear sights.

Remington Vantage Air 1200

This is James' first pellet gun and will be used in most if not all the videos. It shoot a .177 lead pellet at 1200 feet per second and is the fastest of all the pellet guns. It has a CenterPoint 4x32 scope on it. This is James' favorite one to use and Wes thinks so too.