In State Members:

James M.

He hunts small and big game. He is from Arizona. He is the creator of West Coast Varmint Hunters, with the help of his friends Luke and Wes. He goes hunting at least once a week and is into small game, big game, and bird hunting. Soon he will be doing more fishing in the late winter to early spring. "The reason I love hunting so much isn't the thrill of killing something, but the fact that your out there doing it with your dad, your best friends, being outdoors, and getting to see all the pretty views and wild life. It isn't an everyday thing and thats why I love it so much, Every Hunt Has a Meaning."-James

Wes H.

He is another one of the small game and bird hunters. He will be in most of the videos and also helped create WCVH. He enjoys hunting small game and birds and plans to stick with that. He also wants to get into waterfowl so videos for that will be around in a short while.

Luke J.

He is one of the small and big game hunters. He is one of James' best friends. He will be in a lot of the videos that are soon to come out. He will be hunting mainly Quail, Dove, Duck, and Rabbit. He will soon be going on a Coyote hunt with James in the summer and fall. He was recently introduced into hunting and its now a big part of his life. "Hunting wasn't really my thing I didn't really like the thought of killing something. But then I realized hangging out with my best friend while hunting was really fun. Its become a big part of me and James' life and anyone who hasn't tried it really should!"-Luke

Brian H.

He is the big game hunter of the channel. He is in some of our videos. He is an avid hunter and likes to hunt big game. He goes deer and elk hunting every year. He recently got into javelina hunting, and videos for that will be coming soon.

Out of State Members:

Out of State members:

Hunter D.

He is one of the big game hunters. He lives in Nevada. He hunts White Tail, Antelope, Rabbit, Jackrabbit, Turkey, and soon Coyote and Wild boar. He also fishes a lot with his friends and family. Hunter will be apart of a new series of jackrabbit videos with his friend and partner Zac.


He is one of the big game hunters on our channel. He lives in Nevada. He hunts Whitetail, Rabbit, Jackrabbit, Turkey, and soon Coyote and Wild boar. He fishes almost every week and loves the outdoors. He too will be apart of the new Jackrabbit series that will soon to come out.

Kaitlyn M.

Kaitlyn is our first girl member to join. She lives in pennsylvania. She hunts mailny bigger game animals. Including Deer, Elk and turkey. She plans on being apart of our Whitetail Insanity DVD. She goes kayaking and fishing a lot with her family and she also has a huge farm with all kinds of animals.

Christian H.

He is another one of the big game hunters, but he also hunts small game, varmints, and he loves to fish. He lives in Oklahoma, and is friends with David. They will be in a lot of videos together. He hunts whitetail, rabbit, squirrel, crow, turkey, coyote, and wild hog. He fishes mainly for largemouth bass but also will catch white bass, crappie, and various panfish. His slogan is "Pop 'Em and Drop 'Em" when he has successfully harvested an animal. Christian is also the author of the West Coast Varmint Hunters blog. He loves telling people about the new outdoors news and sharing his point of view.

Alex R.

He is one of the big game hunters, but he also hunts small game, varmints, and fishes. He hunts, whitetails, exotics, armadillos, squirrels, turkey, all kinds of birds, and coyote. He will soon begin hunting wild hog too. He fishes mainly for largemouth bass but sometimes catches bluegill and crappie. He lives in Oklahoma and is friends with our member Christian. He will be in a bunch of videos with Christian.

Solomon H.

"I mainly hunt whitetail deer! I turkey, raccoon, opossum, squirrel, and bird hunt! I am mainly an archer, I shoot just about everything with my trusty PSE. I also fly fish, i have caught anything from bluegill, to grouper. So to sum it up, I am a hunter a fisherman and an all out outdoorsman!"-Said Solomon. He will be doing lots of the archery side of things, Along with James, and Christian.  

Out of State Members:

Out of Country members:

Bradon D.

He is our first out of the counrty member! He lives in Alberta, Canada. He is be another one of the big game hunters, and also our major water fowl hunter. He also hunts varmints, and fishes. He hunts, whitetails, Caribou, exotics, squirrels, turkey, all kinds of birds, ducks, geese, and coyote. He's also the western Canadian duck calling champion! He is planning on a Caribou hunt this upcoming year of 2013. "I am a very avid hunter and outdoorsman."- Says Bradon and we're glad to here it, so look out for some of Bradons upcoming videos!